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Date ID First Name Last Name Organization Class or RunGroup Data
03/20/2021 893 Eric Hedstrom Member Day Guest
Track Direction laptime Video URL Track Detail
Eagles Canyon 2.75 CCW


Tire Brand Tire Front Rear
Hoosier R7 205/45/16 225/45/17
Year Make Model Drive
Exige-S 240 RWD
Vehicle Modifcations
Weight with driver: ~2300lbs RWHP: 238 (ha, only if IAT <100degF) Timer: AiM SOLO DL with Smartycam v2.1 Modifications: Wheels - F:16x7 R:17x8 Additional ~ -1deg camber in front OEM Ohlin Lotus Cup car coil overs and springs BWR Sway bar Homemade front splitter (simply got tired of replacing factory one) Traction control off. No stability control available. ABS = Yes.
Lap Notes
Hoosier R7s, 4 heat cycles. This was my 4th day to visit since Nov'19. 64degF - great for HP, a little cold for R7s on a lightweight car (about .1LatG less than I've seen before). I remember feeling like the lap was messy but I'll take the time where I

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