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Date ID First Name Last Name Organization Class or RunGroup Data
05/16/2019 759 Kyle Tice OnGrid Intermediate
Track Direction laptime Video URL Track Detail
Thunderhill Raceway (West) 3.00 CCW


Tire Brand Tire Front Rear
Federal 595 RS-RR 275/35/18 275/35/18
Year Make Model Drive
Corvette Z51 RWD
Vehicle Modifcations
Intake/Exhaust C6 Z06 shocks Federal RS-RR Tires (275F/275R) Powerstop Track Day Pads
Lap Notes
Last Session of the day only ran 3 laps and was continuing to improve. Loose LCA cam bolt ruined first couple of sessions and ran with an eyeballed alignment for the rest of the day.Intake/Exhaust C6 Z06 shocks Federal RS-RR Tires (255F/275R) Powersto

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