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Date ID First Name Last Name Organization Class or RunGroup Data
0000-00-00 197 Rob Elliot 0 0
Track Direction laptime Video URL Track Detail
MSR Houston CCW


Tire Brand Tire Front Rear
Toyo Proxes RR 255/40/17 255/40/17
Year Make Model Drive
Mustang GT RWD
Vehicle Modifcations
* H&R Springs and Bilstein Dampers custom valved by Maximum Motorsports (Road and Track package) * Extreme Duty Rear Lower Control Arms * Castor/Camber plates (running max on both) * Stripped interior - although still retain heater core and passenger a
Lap Notes
You can see it's still sprinkling in the beginning of the video, and is still wet with the puddle at the apex of Sugar and Spice. Also had a passenger.

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